​​​​J e n n a  R o a t, MF​T

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Psychotherapy for Adults, Teens & Families 

If you would like to set up an initial consultation or have questions please contact me by phone at
(510) 898 - 6553 or by email at Jennaroat@gmail.com. Also, please explore my website to begin to answer questions about psychotherapy and to get a better sense of my services and philosophy toward our work together.


Hello, My name is Jenna. 

Starting therapy can often feel intimidating. Change can feel very hard.

People seek out help for a variety of reasons. Unable to play, or imagine something different? Sometimes we just feel stuck in our current patterns. There are times when we feel afraid, confused, overwhelmed and sad. Overwhelming feelings of distress may require another person to help you explore and understand their origins, so they no longer have such a grasp. Therapy can be a relationship where you can feel safe and free to be who you are with another person to explore what you want.

I work with adults, teens, children and couples seeking relief from anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, relationship issues, poor self-assertion skills, identity issues, family issues, and life stressors such as grief, divorce, job loss, career change; and difficulty maintaining meaningful relationships both in personal and professional life.

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