​​​​J e n n a  R o a t, MF​T

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Psychotherapy for Adults, Teens & Families 

Please call (510) 898 - 6553 to discuss my current fee.

I consider psychotherapy an investment in yourself, your wellbeing, your quality of life. I also understand that individual circumstances (student status, medical disability, single family earner) may impact your ability to invest in you and your family. I encourage you to let me know if you need a reduced fee. If I cannot accommodate your financial situation I will help you to find appropriate referrals.

​I am not on any insurance panels, but many health insurance plans will reimburse for psychotherapy from "out-of-network" therapists. PPO insurance plans may reimburse anywhere from 40 to 80% of fees for out-of-network providers. Your insurance card will usually have a number on the back of where you can ask about your benefits for out-of-network therapists. I am happy to prepare monthly statements for you to submit to your insurance company for personal reimbursement. 


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